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“Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.” – Google. Nothing can define the productive functionality of analytics other than this. Again, increased rate of mobile usage across the globe suggests, mobile browsers and apps are more in use compared to webs. This depicts that, the new-age online business is significantly dependent on mobile users. However, users for computers and laptops haven’t stopped either. Hence, hiring a strategic web or mobile analytics service provider is a crucial necessity. They would properly help you in understanding the essential requirements and also for driving appropriate business decisions.

Allow SimplifyS to fulfill your obvious requirements in this respect. Our filtered best professionals are experts having renowned Google Adwords and Analytics certifications. With their powerful assistance, you are going to gain all the crucial insights that are essential for taking potential decisions or planning out a new strategy for your online business operation.


Why You Need Web or Mobile Analytics?

To understand the ongoing market and its recent developments is an utmost necessity for every online business holder. In this context, a resourceful web or mobile analytics solution is of great assistance. It extensively helps in revealing the present market trends starting from segmentation of market, targets and visitors’ behavior. Here is not all. Gathering proper knowledge on users’ interest and preferences can also be drawn. Experts of SimplifyS would make sure that you apprehend all these so that, drawing a constructive strategy for making your business more functional and profitable becomes possible. There are various other aspects that you gain on appointing us:

  • Detailed understanding of the web traffic, referrals and sources of visitors
  • Appropriate counting of visitors to the website, their country and language
  • Determination of website effectiveness as it helps in detailing visitor session
  • Tracking of bounce rate and exit rate in a correct way
  • Relevant mode of optimising the marketing campaign through URL changes or the other

Traditional digital marketing strategies got drastically altered and how. With regular updates and advancements in mobile technology such change is an obvious factor though. Hence, if you are into online business process, adopting an effective and profitable digital marketing solution combined with web or mobile analytics strategy is an ultimate requirement because:

  • Helpful for understanding the contribution of mobile visitors into your online business
  • Figures out and analyses essential data mostly obtained by mobile platforms
  • Important mobile metrics across mobile websites also becomes relatable
  • Helpful for understanding the usage of mobile app and doing investments accordingly
  • Decoding user’s response in respect of contents, app features and more
  • Understanding the recurring user rates and duly optimising the app
  • Detecting the operating system and device where you app is getting can be understood, etc.

All these are important in enhancing your online business and making it furthermore functional.


How You Get Benefitted?

The digital marketing team of SimplifyS is happily acknowledged with essential certification, experiences and fresh ideas that are required to stitch your business with benefits of web and mobile analytics solution. All the beneficial aspects that you are going to enjoy by hiring our services in this context are mentioned below:

  • Referral sources responsible in generating revenue for your business gets revealed
  • Generating valuable acumen with visitors landing page
  • Increasing the conversion rates and hence the profit margin of your business
  • Understanding the pages that have been visited the most by your targeted audiences
  • Exploring the web data and hence fetching more traffic for the website
  • Goal funnels and segmentation setup for the visitor
  • Creation of automated reporting and customised dashboard
  • Beneficial A/B testing
  • Implementation of updated tools like ‘Google Analytics 360 Suite’
  • Frequently used keywords and sites that are generating traffic also gets revealed
  • Improved and enhanced ROI and more.

Even the mobile analytics experts of SimplifyS are capable to implant exceptional yet authentic strategies that ensure a proficient business progress of our esteemed clients. Series of advantages that you would enjoy by appointing our effective analytics services:

  • Ultimate operational recourse that ensures quicker decision making
  • Maintenance of all the mobile-specific dimensions that meets with user satisfaction limits
  • Proper tracking of user behaviors, interests and preferences for required changes
  • Consistent data management in a safer and secured way
  • Even the data integration from the third party services gets well maintained
  • A clear view on the most appreciated screen by users
  • Creating useful analytic and personalised dashboard
  • Knowledge on exact segments of app that effectively leads to conversions
  • Appropriate quality analysis that are essential for future developments, etc.

Join us as for planning out a strategic operation module of your website that generates revenue and customer satisfaction all the way.