Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates

Alterations in Social Media Platform & Its Benefits

Reaching out to the targeted and potential consumers of respective online business bodies got easier with flexible functionalities of social media platforms. Features of which, keeps on changing according to the want and need of users. This is to cope with their expectations and hence, increasing the rate of usage. In a way, it is also helpful in understanding users’ behavioral pattern. On the other hand, such sorts of continuous updates and activities is also an effective way to keep online businesses on the go.

Thus, online business bodies should never stop utilising such platforms for enhancing their user engagement. Moreover, they can also enjoy benefits of time, cost and energy efficient mode of promoting and advertising business products or services. Some of the major social media platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. has already showcased its beneficial aspects for online trade and commerce. Let’s go through some of the recent changes that these popular social media apps have undergone for ensuring satisfactory user experience.

Facebook Changes

Fake news seems to have disturbed users of Facebook in the recent past. Lately, it has introduced some excellent features to obstruct such unnecessary dupes. A red warning sign got introduced that would display any sorts of disputed contents. It is quite obvious that this development has been done to cut the power of some users responsible in uploading such hoaxes. Users can click on the alert link that would be present in the end. On doing so, a popup would be visible to indicate that entire content is forged.

Moreover, while uploading or sharing any sorts of news one would receive a warning message. This is to alert users on the validity of news that one is going to upload. Here is not the end. Facebook Algorithm has also changed for a better understanding of user behaviour. All of these has also been done to heighten ‘News Feed Rankings’ for online business systems. In a way, it can be granted as an excellent mode to target potential consumers also.

Changes in YouTube

Analytics has already approved that the popularity for Facebook native videos is much higher compared to YouTube. However, things were not like this earlier. Of late, native videos was accounted for 84.47% of all videos on Facebook. This has made the video uploading app to introduce some of the interesting and unique changes. Again, the alterations has ensured more user engagement and fulfilling the purpose of video uploads by business bodies.

YouTube has also brought forward the feature to disable annotations. With it, no viewer can edit or add any extra attributes to existing videos. This has actually helped in generating higher revenue from mobile platforms.

Pinterest Alterations

Pinterest has strategically increased Search Ads category. Through this update, the ads are going to appear instantly when the app is in use. Things were not the same earlier. Such real time facility has generated interest of l users across the globe too. As for the online business process,it is an unique and excellent way to promote products and services.

Added features like: buyable pins, advanced image search, re-marketing and custom audience tools is of great benefits too. Ability to perform visual search on Chrome extension is yet another added feature on Pinterest..

LinkedIn Changes

Array of photo editing tools offered by LinkedIn is of great assistance for every user. With the help of new filters one can edit and change their profile picture also.

These are some of the option available:

  • Classic
  • Prime
  • Studio
  • Spotlight
  • Guru
  • Edge

Thus getting a perfect professional profile picture got easier.

Twitter’s Alterations

Twitter has changed its tweet replies. Hassles of character count for names is going to end. This would surely deliver liberty of puremessage for 140 characters (at present). There is a remarkable improvement on notifications and contents also.

Even the safety and security features got enhanced for end users. Again, time span for which a user wants their messages on the platform can be done according to wish and necessity.

With all these advanced changes it is evident that, making apps proactive for users has been prioritised. This is going to make all these social media platforms even more user-friendly and would also provide more value to users.